Range of Service

Tailored solutions you need to get the results to perform as an individual, sports person or business / corporate operator.


  • Wellness Evaluations

    Your free wellness evaluation is the key to successfully start, continue and maintain good health.

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  • Weight Loss Challenge

    So far we helped enough groups of people to lose over 1005kg of weight and handed out over $3000 in prize money & gifts, re-training peopl...

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  • Wellness Coaching

    Would you like to change the health of your local community, we can help you get started part time in your own business. 

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  • Guest Speaker

    You’ll be inspired by Scott's personal journey and be educated by his professional observations as a natural therapist and wellness coach...

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  • Online 5 Day Kickstart Ch...

    We put together the Online 5-day kick start challenge for those with poor time availability but needing solutions. The 5-day challenge is in fact a...

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