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Wellness Coach & Health Professional

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Wellness Coach & Health Professional

Just like you we need to perform at our best every day, whether your a mum or dad raising children, Student, Business or Sports person we get you better results with minimal pressure on your busy lifestyle.

We also train other people to be Health or Wellness Coaches to Earn Royalty Income, as they make a difference to people in their community.

Personally we are also Busy Parents, Partners, Community Advocates & much more. We need to give 100% to each part of our busy lives. Being able to perform at our best requires us to be our first and most successful client everyday.

Our backgrounds start in the medical, paramedical and fitness industry but today we can work from home around our Family & Lifestyle.

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    When Scott shared with me his vision to bring his Healthy Active Lifestyle Project to my local area to begin a new division I did not hesitate to jump on board. Scott invested many hours of training to launch his project, and by working closely with him I learnt many valuable skills and community help methods which have enabled me to have a positive impact on the wider community, as well as propel our local project to the next level. Scott & Bern are always available for encouragement, advice and support whenever it is needed. Corrina

    GRATEFUL COACH, Wellness Coach Ipswich

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    Scott is always friendly and happy. He uses Bowen Therapy techniques to ease my pain and loosen my joints, I believe he has magic hands, as his treatments are always successful. For someone who is 80, I can say without Scott's support I would not have the mobility and movement I currently experience. Thank you Scott. 

    Very Thankful, Ellen G

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    I expected a more clinical approach to weight loss & healthy living however I got a friendly group that supported and mentored us. I valued everything was easy going and friendly.

    Easy going and friendly, Weight Loss Challenge participant

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    I expected to get motivated and my weight down plus get good nutritional advice. What I got was motivation from the group and I lost the kilo's i needed to. Plus I got valuable informtion about protein relationship in the diet between body weight & muscle mass and fat %.

    NB - This testimonial is taken from an anonymos feedback form 

    All Good - don't change it, Weight Loss Challenge participant

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    Being my second challenge I expected to build on knowledge from my first one. What I got was a pleasent surprise - the INFO, the FREINDSHIP BASE, and the way EVERYONE PARTICIPATED 

    NB - This testimonial is taken from an anonymos feedback form 

    2nd time - I'm happy, Weight Loss Challenge Participant