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About Us

About Us

Although I started in the fitness industry, today I'm a Natural Therapist specialising in advanced Bowen Therapy.

I work alongside my wife who is a Registered Nurse, she has worked with me for the last 17 years helping with nutritional support advice for the most common problems we come across.

It was my own health issues that led us to discover a 5 step process to improve my health and energy problems.

Being a true believer that a physician should be "able to heal thyself”, I was able to work around a career stopping, sports injury and an immune issue that had me dosing at my work desk at 3pm and in bed by 7.30 most nights.

Although unable to exercise much, over time I went onto gain over 20kg of muscle mass, kept my body fat in the HEALTHY RANGE according to the world health organisation and gained energy to perform all my commitments by following this 5 step process.

We are fans of the Healthy Active Lifestyle movement sweeping the world, its great to see a generation moving towards a healthy lifestyle.

At the same time, we are a realists, who understand that many people work under great pressure just to pay the mortgage, get an education or career, raise children or improve sports specific skills or be the best in building their own business.


Looking forward to help you in achieving your goals around your busy schedules - make sure to take advantage of our free online wellness evaluation.

5 KEYS to my best health

Scott Conlan

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