Become a Wellness Coach

Our region was listed by the Australian Heart Foundation as one of the "Most Underactive and Overweight" communities in Australia!

Our statistic was affecting a huge 74.5% of my Local population!

The number was staggering and re-inspired us to embark on finding a way to change our Local community's understandings of health, wellness, nutrition and activity, through our wellness coach training program.And at the same time rewarding those committed to changing other people lives with Lifestyle Experiences.

You can read the article that reinspired us to do more for our community  here

We put together a Healthy, Active & Lifestyle Project - Based on 4 Pillars.. (5 if you're already a Health Professional). We shared the idea with several friends and they began their training as Wellness Coaches. This enabled them to be effective with positively improving the health and wellness of their Local communities!

So far, we’ve been 'Agents of Change' to several Local communities, providing hundreds of Free Wellness Evaluations, re-educating the community with a science-based & results based body transformation formula, providing nutritional support and preparing our participents for suitable activity.

Not only are we empowering people needing direction with their wellness goals, we are creating Community & Community Leaders, who are creating a Part-time Career around their jobs, study or family, by helping people, 'help themselves.' We love seeing the fulfilment & joy experienced by our group of coaches, as they lead more people to these very positive wellness outcomes!