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The Cleanse

The Cleanse
It’s important to understand that absorption of nutrients happens mostly via the villi (small finger-like projections) in the small intestine. Furthermore, if they are surrounded by a bad bacterial environment, they won’t perform optimally, thereby affecting your weight and energy levels noticeably.
Even in a case where someone was able to put the right nutrient foods on a plate and eat well balanced meals, the benefit may be reduced if the intestinal tract is impaired at the villi level. Our first priority is to assist the villi through nutrition support with our gentle detox that we affectionately call ‘the cleanse’.
It’s not uncommon to see 9 out of 10 people experience improved energy, loss of bloating, inch loss and even weight loss in our 7 day cleanse.
All this is achieved without significant change to eating patterns and  the nutritional support tastes great too.
The cleanse is a combination of two products listed on our product site - PURCHASE PRODUCTS
The Aloe concentrate (Available in Mango, Mandarine or Original)
The Probiotic complex.